The First In-play
Sports Trading

The First In-play
Sports Trading

  • Bet smarter to lose less and gain more
  • Learn how to trade your bets in-play
  • Find the best value opportunities
  • Get notified when to take action
  • Feel more involved in the game

3 easy steps

to Bet Smarter

1. Find the value
2. Get notified
3. Take action

Likely's advanced, real-time data analytics predicts the probabilities of results, putting you in charge of your game.

Track your favourite sports and teams in real-time

See the probability of results before, and throughout the game

Manage your trades live and cash-out or get-in when the time is right

Huge variety of sports

  • Access live tracking of all your favourite sporting events

Live Updates

  • Real-time scores and results predictions

Multiple Bet Types

  • Access the probabilities of the most popular bet types to find the best value trades

Stay Informed

  • Set stop-loss and get-in notifications to make quick decisions

Trade with confidence

  • Know the probabilities and likely trends of your trades as the
 game develops

Find the Value

  • Compare the Likely odds to the bookie's odds to find the best opportunities

With over 50 leagues worldwide, Likely tracks all major sporting events. Explore the regions below…

With over 50 leagues worldwide, Likely tracks the world's major sporting codes. See the map below…