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Change the way you bet:
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Isn’t it time you let your bookie know who’s calling the shots?

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The Likely App and method
consistently outperforms traditional betting.
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What is

sports trading

A revolutionary way to follow your favourite sports and grow your investment, by placing bets that are most likely to get into a winning position during a match – then cashing out at the top-end for a profit.

The Punter

chases the win

The Sports Investor chases the winning position

makes Sports
Trading possible by:

  • Calculating each bet’s probability of winning,
    using Likely’s unique, independent algorithm.
  • Finding the best value opportunities to invest in,
    by comparing likely's odds to the bookie's odds.
  • Notifying you when your bets are in a winning position
    to cash-out and take your profit.
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Growing your investment is made easy by following the

3 step method...

1. Find the value

Place bets where the Likely odds are lower than the bookies odds.

2. Get notified

Set your own rules for Likely to tell you when to jump in or jump out of your bet

3. Take action

If your bookie is offering good value to cash out, take the money and move on to build up your trading account.

What users are saying

I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt whilst using LIKELY is how to cash out of a bet early, even when my heart is telling me not too!
Mark Aynesworth
LIKELY has made it so easy for me to find the best value bets, and know when to cash out. I have more time to enjoy my favourite sports, and follow sports I’ve never watched before.
Peter Ronstadt
I'll be the first to admit I had no idea what sports trading was before using LIKELY, but when you think about it, it makes sense to take your profits during play.
Andy Tilsworth

Change the way
you bet

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Seamless features to unleash the trader in you

Over 50 leagues worldwide

All your favourite sports, including AFL, NFL, NHL, EPL, MLB & NBA.

Our secret algorithm

The LIKELY algorithm is independent, accurate, and always learning.

Outsmart the market

Find the real value opportunities, don't follow the market odds.

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Game outcome predictor

LIKELY has the ability to predict game outcomes live during every match.

You set the rules

Set trading alerts for the matches you have invested in so you don't miss the opportunity to trade in for a profit.

Tracking made easy

Track how all your bets are performing on the one screen.

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