gives you the live probabilities of match outcomes, from start to finish, to give you what you need to trade on sports.

Read on to discover how to get started with trading on , and tips on how to use ’s information to get the most out of your bets and favourite sports.

Most bettors use a Conventional Betting strategy – placing a bet and watching the game play out until the end, hoping for the best. This is a sure way to throw your money away.

The smarter alternative is Trading – placing a bet either pre-game or in-play, assessing your bet’s position as the game progresses, and making an informed decision on whether to cash-out of your bet for a profit or to minimise your loss. The benefit? – Capitalising on your profits and minimising your losses to build up your trading account.

makes Trading easy. By following 3 simple steps, can change the way you trade on sport, helping you to Bet smarter.

  • Compare s odds to your bookie’s odds. Value can be found if your bookie's odds are close to or higher than s

  • TIP: Our best results have come from odds greater than $1.75.

  • Check that your bets % chance of winning is not too risky.

  • We recommend Bet365 as the market leader for in-play betting and cash-out. But you can use your own bookie.

  • TIP: Be consistent with your stake. Choose an amount to bet, e.g. $25. Don’t change your stake each time you bet.

  • Tap the Likely % or odds to open the graph - here you can track your bet’s chances of winning as the game plays out.

  • Tap the stop-loss and get-in boxes to set the ‘line’ for when you want to get notified if you’re bet is likely to win or lose.

  • The table to the right is a guide for stop-loss and get-in percentages you can use based on starting probability. As you use more you may want to adjust these depending on sport or bet type.

  • When notifies you, check the Likely graph to see what the trend line is suggesting – the dotted line that projects the rest of the game.

  • Check what your bookmaker is offering to cash-out.

  • Don’t overthink it – minimise your loss or take the profit and move on. If you don’t, the game could swing and you could lose your whole bet.

  • Go back to Step 1 and re-enter the market, either in-play on the same game or elsewhere, to build up your betting account.

Here’s an example of 5x $100 bets placed over one weekend using s 3 Steps of Trading. By finding value buy-in odds (compared to s odds) and trading out when notified for a good value cash-out, this trading account ended $223.70 better off than the betting account.